Activating Air Force reservists quickly, efficiently and securely

1. Challenge: The Air Force Reserve Command’s labor and paper intensive processes needed to be streamlined around the world using new capabilities including browsers, web services, and emerging technologies.

2. Solution: ReserveNet – a system-of-systems (SOS) enterprise framework that encompasses the services required to maintain an information technology platform for developing and hosting AFRC IT applications and software tools that support automated reservist readiness, participation management, logistics, and other critical mission support activities.

3. Results: Datum Software was instrumental in implementing the first Remote Sign On (RSO) for Air Force Reserve Command Information Technology applications and negotiated with the Global Combat Support System-Air Force team for enclave migration. Datum Software constructed AFRC’s Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and spearheaded AFRC’s efforts for Identity Web Services and 2-way authentications using DOD-Public Key Infrastructure. The result – Datum Software defined, designed, developed, and implemented the web service strategy for HQ AFRC to exchange data among participating DoD Agencies.

4. Thought leadership: The team won numerous awards for technical achievements and process innovation, including:

  • 2006, 2007 and 2008 AFRC Team Excellence Award
  • AF Chief of Staff Team Excellence Award
  • Best Practice Award from the U.S. Secretary of the Air Force